SebaSTea: Luxury Leaves

about company

“SebaSTea “is a brand created in 2010 by M.G.N.S.Fernando and  all the teas are exclusively packed  under the guidance of the  experts of CAMELLIA SCINENSIS (PRIVATE) LIMITED in Sri Lanka. So “SebaSTea” is the only exclusive tea brand which can be very proud about it’s legacy  of quality .

Founder of  “SebaSTea”, M.G.N.S. Fernando, started his  commitment to tea in the early 1990 s .His colossal experience  in the tea market in Russia and CIS countries  benefited him  in creating  the brand “SebaSTea” to offer consumers Ceylon’s finest tea, picked, packed  garden fresh and shipped  direct from origin.

“SebaSTea” Team offer a variety of  unique collections of teas ,each tasted and selected with the benefit of decades of experience in tea, and most importantly marked by genuine  quality.

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