SebaSTea: Luxury Leaves

 SebaSTea - a variety of unique flavors that will amaze even the most prejudiced tea connoisseurs. But above all, SebaSTea - that is  pure black tea, collected in different regions of Sri Lanka, where the tea bushes that grow at different heights above sea level, give a different flavors and colors  of saturation. Get an impress of  Sri Lanka, you can safely start with  SebaSTea! Enjoy  Earl Grey, green jasmine, African rooibos, milk oolong, which have become classics,and won the hearts of many tea lovers of SebaSTea. Create a special mood with fruit tea series "SebaSTea" - the abundance of exotic fruits such as papaya, mallow, passion fruit, carambola, citrus fruits,: berries ( blueberries to barberries) flowers ( from cornflower and chamomile to roses ), and nuts , cinnamon, cardamom ... The list is endless! Talking about the variety of flavors of tea SebaSTea impossible not to mention the herbal teas. Mint, rose, raisins, wild berries and wild flowers - richer palette of tea SebaSTea may be just your imagination!